Nigerian actress, Lilian Gabriel, has recounted how she was defrauded by a man who claimed to be a prophet in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

In a viral video, Lilian said she met the man somewhere in Asaba who told her he saw a vision for her. The man told her that since she is an orphan, God is about to wipe her tears and that she should bring her ATM card so he could pray on it as her miracle will come via a final breakthrough.

Lilian said she gave her ATM card to him and he prayed on it and asked her to immediately place it back in her purse. Little did she know the supposed prophet had exchanged her ATM card for a fake card. She later started receiving debit alerts from her phone as the man who is a suspected fraudster had hacked into her account and made withdrawals of all her life savings.

  1. Beware of Strangers

In as much as there are genuine harmless people who might be stranded at times, we must try to maintain caution if we must Interact with them. Clearly she opened conversation with the stranger by responding to all his questions, despite the diversion from his main aim of stopping her. A stranger remains a stranger till proven otherwise.

  1. Keep Your Personal Details Private

Another lesson to learn is that you should never reveal your personal details like your ATM pin, OTP, and your Bank mobile app password to strangers.

Even all banks and financial institutions in Nigeria do send this warning to all their customers to avoid being scammed or defrauded, because the only way these fraudsters can get access to your funds is by knowing your personal details.

  1. Always Be At Alert

Another Importantly lesson we should all learn from this sad occurrence is that you should always be at alert when dealing with strangers.

According to the actress, she gave the pastor her ATM card and the pastor, while giving her back, told her to return it immediately into her wallet without even confirming if it is hers or not.

Had it been she was at alert, she would have noticed the moment the alleged man of God exchanged her ATM card for a fake card, and then reported to the bank earlier to block any form of unauthorized transactions.

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