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A lot of people know what Hunger is, but most times are not aware of the effect it has on their general well being.

In the first 2 years of life, 70% of the brain develops. When children for instance, experience prolonged undernourishment and Hunger within that time frame, damaging chemicals are released in their brain.

Hunger delays the development on the cognitive, social and emotional level. This includes reading, language, attention, memory and problem solving capabilities.

Constantly worrying about how your next meal will come can cause mental health problems, like depression, anxiety and even post traumatic disorders (PTSD).

According to USDA, there is a strong connection between Hunger and Chronic diseases like High Blood Pressure, Heart diseases and Diabetes.

Many students especially have so gotten used to Hunger, that they lack the knowledge of how it slows down the ability to focus and study.

Thankfully, Organisations like RichLife Africa is committed to eradicating Hunger across higher institutions through a project called STUDENTS AGAINST HUNGER. This project will not only empower 301 students to become millionaires, but goes further to provide food for Thousands of Hungry Nigerian Youths without food.

While we aim towards producing many graduates from higher institutions, we must also pay attention to the QUALITY of graduates we export.

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