Image of a student who prostitute to make a living (Poverty)


If you ask many Nigerian students in higher institutions what their major daily challenge is, about two third would quickly chorus HUNGER!

As much as Hunger has sadly become the order of the day for many students, each one’s experience differs from the other. We would like to share some true life experiences of some of the Liberators in the on going Students Against Hunger Online Contest (SAH), aiming to eradicate Hunger and Poverty in our society.

Queeneth, a student of Lagos State University shared her experience as a result of Hunger. In her words “Hunger turned me into a monster”. Left without any source of livelihood with so much needs as a student, she was consented to having sex with a rich man, just to survive as a student.

Confidence, who is a student of Delta State University also tells us how she ate sour soup, just to have something in her stomach due to lack of food stuff. “I drank garri for a long time that it affected my eyes” says Confidence.

“I would just stylishly join someone I see with food and take a few spoons”, says another Liberator, Olewole, a student of Federal University Of Agriculture,Ogun state.

These are just a few of thousands of students, who have been hit by Hunger in our Nation.
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Do you have a Hunger experience?
What is the worst thing Hunger has made you do?


  1. While in school,hunger has made me beg from who I’m not even supposed to collect food from. And not even a balanced diet food at that. Garri without sugar,just for i and my roommate to put in our stomach to exam hall.

  2. Nwankwo Chinyere

    Hunger is the worst thing that can happen to anybody
    Hunger will bring in lots of negative thoughts to the mind it takes the strong spirited ones to resist.
    Most times one runs out of options and the only thing left is executing the negative thoughts in order to have something to eat.
    Hunger has made most people monsters and heartless who are willing to do anything for money
    Which is why there is a high rate of crime in the society.
    Together we can make our society better
    God bless Richlife Africa project for this wonderful project
    I can see a better and safe Nigeria
    Long Live Richlife Africa project!
    Long Live Nigeria!

  3. Hunger has done more harm than good in our society which has led some students into stealing, prostitution, kidnapping and even killing…that is why hunger needs to be eradicated
    Back in school I do go to bed with empty stomach most times due to lack of food stuffs which led me into thinking negatively…hunger brings negative thinking in the society and if you are not able to control your self you might find your self doing those negative things…which is why we have to fight and eliminate hunger in the society to secure the lives of we the students and our future.

  4. Godspower Amaechi

    The effects of poverty are more than just missing a meal. Families struggle with chronic food insecurity, hunger, and malnutrition. When families don’t have the food, their health and livelihood suffers, trapping them in a vicious cycle that affects one generation after another. The only way to combat the problem is to break the cycle of poverty and build strong communities. This enables every person to have enough nutritious food to live a healthy and productive life.

    Richlife Africa project has in a strategic way identify this societal challenges and proffer solutions to them by designing the students against hunger online contest to empower student financially, provide thousands of high paying jobs, product hundreds of millionaire and feed millions of hungre Nigeria among other benefits.

    I’m so excited about this project, this might be the opportunity our beloved country has been waiting for. thank you rich life Africa project.

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